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Longines Introduces New Longines Master Moonphase Watch

The implementation of a moon phase complication should always be treated with kid gloves. It is an eye-catching and artful complication, but it has the potential to make a dial look busy, mismatched, or passé if integrated poorly. Too much surrounding the complication can leave it looking cramped; too little can leave it looking stranded. How the Longines Master Moonphase fake watch decorates the white, black, or blue space around the focal point of this relatively simple fake watch is a great example of how to add the complication effectively.

These new models are driven by the L899, a new caliber developed exclusively for the brand. This new movement offers a simple, three-handed time display (hours, minutes, and seconds) emanating from the center of the dial, with the additional moonphase complication within a subdial at 6 o'clock, which also boasts a date indicator around its periphery.

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This clever compacting of complications saves on space and keeps the dial clean, allowing the texture of the dials to breathe. As well as multiple dial options, there are also two case sizes. Although all models come in stainless steel (with water-resistance to 30 meters), customers can choose between a 40mm or 42mm diameter. With both models, customers have a choice between a leather strap and a metal bracelet.

In 42mm, there are three choices: a white (silvered) or black barleycorn pattern, or a blue sunray dial. The 40mm version has the option of either a diamond-studded (0.059 carats) blue dial, or a white (silvered) barleycorn pattern.

With all the variations among the dials and the hour markers (either Arabic or Roman typeface, and applied indices or diamonds), there are a lot of different looks going on in this collection. This, combined with a very accessible price point, should make the Longines Master Moonphase fake watch a hit among entry-level lovers.

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The Longines Master Moonphase 40mm with a white dial retails for $2,350 on both a leather strap (reference L29094783) and a bracelet (L29094786). The 40mm black barleycorn dial on leather (L29094517), the black barleycorn on a bracelet (L29094516) retail for the same, as does the blue dial with applied markers on a leather strap (L29094920) or a bracelet (L29094926).

The 40mm diamond studded models in white on a strap (L29094773) or a bracelet (L29094776) and blue on leather (L29094970) or a bracelet (L29094976) retail for $2,750. The 42mm white dial with a leather strap (reference L29194783) or bracelet (L29194786), or the black dial with leather strap (reference L29194517) or bracelet (reference L29094516), or the blue dial with applied markers on a leather strap (reference L29194920) or bracelet (reference L29194926), all retails for $2,450. Learn more at longines.com.

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